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Three Day Douro Experience



Immerse yourself in the history, gastronomy and landscape of Portugal. This is one of the oldest nations in Europe and has had its territory occupied by human presence since the beginning of prehistory.

The Douro River Valley was the first demarcated wine region in the world, is extremely scenic and is an inspiring muse of literary works by great Portuguese authors such as Eça de Queiróz, José Saramago and Miguel Torga. Cruising along the river in one of our yachts and tasting the region’s great wines is a unique experience.

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn from a Countess how to prepare a dish from Minho and Trasmontana gastronomy that goes far beyond cod fish and sardines: the roast lamb, alheira, goat, are other must-taste delicacies.

Come take this exclusive tour with us and enjoy, in just three days, a significant sample of all of this. You will spend the nights in 17th century palaces, visit vineyards and presses, swim in Douro’s fluvial beaches and learn about the history and culture of this beloved corner of Europe.

Tickets are sold up to 12 people per group, for private tours you can have from 2 to 12 people in your group.
Experience the wines of Douro
Exclusive and ticket based packages for 3 days experience in the Douro region!
Tickets start at 730 € per person (please send us a consultation request) and exclusive group experience starting at 3.390 € (imediate booking available).

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We wish you a wonderful time experiencing the Douro Region!

A very important European archaeological site, it gathers, in an area of 13 hectares, the ruins of a city that was cohabited by the Castro people of the Iberian Peninsula and by the Romans at the beginning of the Christian era. It is possible to understand how the Roman Empire was an important landmark civilization, making the Castro people (as well as several other Latin-speaking peoples) leave the prehistory (iron age) to enter history.

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It was built in the early twelfth century, a few years before the founding of Portugal as a nation. It has a large area of wine production, and is a great example of how religious, political and economic powers forged social relations over the course of eight centuries, leaving their mark to this day. Historical marks drizzled with very good wine, which you can taste on your visit.

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One of the most scenic towns in Portugal. It is crossed by the Tâmega River and its 18th century stone bridge is a milestone in the resistance to the French invasion by Napoleon’s troops. In addition to its architectural legacy, Amarante also has the Amadeo de Souza Cardoso Municipal Museum, an important Portuguese painter who lived in Paris at the beginning of the last century. Be sure to try the typical convent sweets in one of the many confectioneries along Rua 31 de Janeiro.

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It gathers the collection of this important Portuguese writer, Eça de Queiróz, of the XIX century whose book “The City and the Mountains” portrays the scenery and the customs of this region. The guided tour tells a little of this history and the Tormes Restaurant attached to the foundation is run by a young and talented Portuguese Chef, António Queirós Pinto, who is now one of the six finalists for the important “Chef Cook Competition of the Year” award. The dishes are inspired by the culinary quotes from the work of writer and our recommendation for this tour is the “golden chicken with bean rice”.

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Located in a rural area of Marco de Canavezes municipality, this beautiful property has a great touristic facility that includes a sumptuous 17th century palace. You will spend a night feeling like a king, and as part of the package, you will have a cooking class with Countess Maria Manuel Cyrne, learning her famous family recipes and the secrets of traditional Portuguese cuisine. All of this is prepared in an old traditional kitchen with a wood-burning stove and antique utensils. And of course, taste later, what you have prepared together, accompanied by an excellent wine.

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On the banks of the Douro River is this beautiful farmhouse, which has an excellent support structure. You will visit its wine production and get to know the great green wine produced from the “Avesso” variety which is native to the sub-region of Baião. It was described by Eça de Queirós as a “dense and seivorous” wine and will accompany the dinner included in the package based on picanha and rice sausage. You will also have plenty of time to enjoy the swimming pool, tennis court, swim on the private river beach or bathe in a waterfall in a nearby creek.

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The Package

The tour is made from Tuesday to Thursday during the month of October 2019. There are two groups of 7 to 12 people who leave the Freixo Marina, in the city of Porto. One of the groups leaves on our OPORTO yacht, takes the tour of the six bridges, cruise upstream the Douro River and passes through two of its locks, Crestuma-Lever and Carrapatelo. There is a lunch stop at a restaurant on the riverbank (included in the package) and arrival at Quinta da Ermida around 5pm. The other group travels by minibus to Amarante, have lunch in Baião at a typical village restaurant (Pensão Borges), the famous roast lamb (included in the package), and take a guided tour of Tongóbria. In the middle of the afternoon, the group arrives and spends the night at Casa de Quintã. Dinners are included in both cases, and those staying at Quinta da Ermida will visit the vineyards and produce wine and those staying at Casa de Quintã will take part in the cooking class with the Countess.
On Wednesday, the groups change hotels and both visit the Santo André de Ancêde Monastery and the Eça de Queiróz Foundation. They meet for lunch at the excellent Tormes Restaurant.
On Thursday they return to Porto and the two groups change vehicles, who came by minibus return by yacht and vice versa, with the same attractions. Both arrive at Marina do Freixo in Porto around 19:00.

We have single tickets available for a fixed price. This ticket includes everything in the trip, but takes place in a shared environment from 7 and up to 12 people. Fill the form below and we’ll contact you back to clarify all your questions and setup any necessary details.

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