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Oporto Yachts Charter offers the unique opportunity to practice sport fishing in one of the most scenic rivers in Europe. Our experienced guides can take you for a day or half a day fishing onboard of our boat Gaya, a very suitable pontoon for this activity. As a rule, our tours are exclusively for sport fishing, which means catch and release.

Sport fishing along the Douro River has its own characteristics. From the river’s mouth to the first dam (Crestuma-Lever) the river is influenced by the tides and offers species that coexist well in brackish waters, such as the Sea Bass, the Black Bass, the Mullet and sporadically the Twait Shad at the mouth of the river. Above the first dam, there are only freshwater species such as Carps, Bogas, and the brave and sporty Barbel. There are also Perciformes like Perches and Black Basses. There are many fishing spots, such as the mouth of the Tua River, and our guiding team knows the secret and little-known spots throughout the Douro River.

Please contact us in advance so that we can guide you in relation to the most suitable fishing for the time of year, consequently indication of baits and flies more suitable. Our advice for a comfortable fishing day is to have two fishermen on board, eventually three. The tours include snacks and drinks, but do not include lunch, which can be offered in the form of a packed lunch or simply by docking at a restaurant by the river. For a combined activity, like fishing and wine tasting, please contact us and we will arrange the best option for your expectations.

For more details feel free to directly send an e-mail to the guides. To request quotes and reservations, please fill in the form.

Our Fishing Guides

Lucio Borges:

He has been fishing since he can remember, and the more he learns about it the more he knows he knows little. Enthusiastic about sport fishing, especially fly fishing and spinning, he knows like no one the corners of the Douro River and focuses on the species of Black Bass, Sea Bass and Zander (Lucioperca). Fluent in Portuguese and English, you can get in touch with him at

Tomás Silva:

Professional fishing guide since 2012, with focus on fly fishing. He is the owner of Flyfip and he is passionate about fishing for salmonids and assembling his own flies, he has always an interesting subject to share during the fishing days. Fluent in  Portuguese, French, English, and Spanish,  you can reach him at

Phone: +351 917 917 900
Casa da Praça
5060-253 – Provesende, Sabrosa, Portugal
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